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Commercial property is one of the most important parts of the economy and it is one of the largest investment classes. Also nearly everyone enters a commercial property on a daily basis to work, shop or to be entertained.

CoStar Group exists to deliver efficiency and transparency to this sector by providing property professionals with real time data and insight. 

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Over 400,000 UK commercial property buildings are tracked in CoStar’s database where every change in their status is recorded – from space becoming available to it being let or sold, tenants moving in, leases expiring, or the building being demolished for example.

CoStar gathers and updates its data on an ongoing basis with over 8,000 sources, and has developed a state of the art research centre dedicated to monitoring the market.

Thousands of property professionals use CoStar’s online products to stay informed, find space to let or for sale, analyse properties & market performance and connect with their peers .

With CoStar data on their side, they can make faster and better informed commercial property decisions.

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CoStar Group Annual Report 2015

2015 was an outstanding year for CoStar Group in all aspects of the business.

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CoStar Group CEO,
Andrew Florance on the company’s long-term
vision & innovation

CoStar Group CEO
We’re number 1 for one very simple reason, and it’s our research. No one else can do what we do.
Simon Law
Vice President, Research


Researched and verified information is what has always set CoStar apart.

It is the basis of everything we do. Our ability to deliver accurate and trusted information to our clients has won us the business of virtually all the leading commercial real estate brokerage firms throughout the U.S. and U.K.

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The result:

You can rely on the comprehensive, accurate, and timely information you need to stay competitive, win clients, and close deals.

See how our research keeps you ready for what’s next.

The research platform:

With over $1 billion invested in research operations worldwide, we’ve built and continue to maintain the industry’s most comprehensive database of commercial real estate information.

The research team:

Our highly trained research associates verify the accuracy of thousands of property records in our proprietary database. By interviewing everybody from agents to owners and property managers, we make sure our data is up-to-date, trusted, and reliable.

Why over 8,000 agents contribute data to CoStar

Case Study:
How I generate new business by listing my deals with CoStar

International Presence

CoStar Group has a strong, thirty year presence in the United States, where its flagship brands include CoStar, LoopNet and Apartments.com.

With more than thirteen years of successful operation in the UK, the Group’s more recent geographic expansion has taken us into Canada, France; Spain and Germany

If you would like more information about which products we offer in each geography please do not hesitate to contact us

Spotlight on Agency Awards

Each year CoStar recognises the top commercial property agencies in the UK, through a thorough analysis of their market activity, which CoStar tracks in its available properties and deals’ database.

Discover who changed the game last year, find out where your firm ranks or download the full list of winners here.

Interested in working at CoStar?

Enter the world of commercial property and shed a light on what moves this market: data, transactions and people.

We are always looking for qualified and driven individuals to join our team. From accounting, research and sales, to marketing and product development, we’re looking for those who want to become experts in our industry, help build our company, and move closer to achieving their personal and professional goals.

To find out more visit www.costarcareers.com


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