Commercial Property

Given that almost all of us will set foot in a commercial property every day, whether that’s to shop, to work or for leisure, it should come as no surprise that these types of premises play a crucial role in shaping the UK economy ....

... and it’s also represents one of the largest investment classes.

Consequently, if you’re a property professional keen to help your clients fill their spaces faster than ever, you should be armed with the kind of information that puts you and them in the driving seat and makes the process a breeze rather than a game of chance.

That’s where we come in.

Listing Commercial Premises

With over 400,000 commercial premises tracked in our database, you’ll find the kind of data – available properties, leases expiring, demolished buildings – that only our state of the art research centre can extract.

But what are the benefits?

You can join thousands of property professionals in using the information we’ve gleaned to keep you ahead of the competition, allowing you to make faster and better informed decisions about commercial property.

In fact, over 8,000 agents contribute to our data and 97 per cent of UK agencies list with us, so if you’re keen to follow suit, your clients’ property will gain instant exposure to over 16,000 agents. Importantly, queries or leads come directly to you, as your contact details are linked to your spaces.

About CoStar

We’re the UK’s leading provider of commercial property information.

It’s our dedication to connecting you to the UK’s largest database and the way we research the market that sets us apart from the competition. Indeed, our skilled research associates interview as many people as possible to gather and verify thousands of property records in our database.

Why do we go the extra mile? Because it’s really the only way to make sure the data you and our other clients put faith in is up-to-date, all-embracing and completely impartial

For more information about commercial property and the associated data, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the CoStar team – we’re always happy to help.