The sun always shines on BL in Peterborough

By Paul Norman - Thursday, August 10, 2017 14:08

British Land has installed 1,100 solar panels at its 337,000 sq ft Serpentine Green Regional retail centre in Peterborough, in one of the UK’s largest retail rooftop solar projects.

The solar installation was completed this month and covers 19,500 sq ft, equivalent to nine tennis courts. The solar photovoltaic system will generate circa 275,000 kilowatt hours of electricity every year which is enough to power 85 homes for a year or 1.2m miles of charge for an electric car.

During the summer months, 22% of the annual electricity demand for the centre’s common areas and car park will be met by solar energy. Annually this is expected to save 140 tonnes of CO2 annually and 3,289 tonnes over the next 25 years, equivalent to taking 2,155 cars off the road.

Matthew Webster, Head of Wellbeing & Futureproofing for British Land, said: “Serpentine Green’s solar photovoltaic system further demonstrates our commitment to future-proofing our assets – unlocking additional income streams whilst helping to protect us and our customers against risks such as increasing energy prices. Alongside identifying renewable sources of energy, our well established energy efficiency programme means we carefully manage our energy consumption - this programme has already delivered £13 million of gross savings for our occupiers.”

John MacDonald-Brown, CEO for Syzygy Renewables, said: “Having recently delivered a similar sized installation at St Stephen’s, Hull, Syzygy was delighted to return to work with British Land on this project. It is encouraging to see large commercial real estate investors like British Land seeking to reduce their carbon footprints and future-proof their assets. We very much look forward to the next project.”

Other steps taken to continue to improve sustainability at Serpentine Green include a 20% (1.5m kilowatt hours) energy reduction over the last six years, 100% of managed waste diverted from landfill and 300 tonnes of waste recycled over the last three years.

The centre is also home to eight beehives housing 500,000 bees.

Syzygy Renewables managed the project on behalf of British Land and Solar Advanced Systems Limited was the contractor.

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