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Bingo concept eyes expansion

By Paul Norman - Monday, May 14, 2018 13:38

HIJINGO!, a bingo concept created by Adam Breeden, Founder of Social Entertainment Ventures and Co-Founder of Bounce, Puttshack, Flight Club and All Star Lanes, is to launch in the UK eyeing significant expansion.

The concept will "infuse technology and traditional number play to unlock a ground-breaking twist on bingo like never before, shaking up Britain’s socialising scene once again", Social Entertainment said.

Breeden has partnered with Rebel Bingo creator James Gordon. Gordon started running bingo nights in 2006 building to run events in venues of 1000 capacity, across UK cities and popular bingo franchises in Spain, Portugal, Beijing and America.

Hijingo! said it plans to turn bingo "on its head and create a euphoric, intense and engaging hotspot for millennials and tastemakers".

Hijingo! plans to launch three venues within the first 12 months of trading within major UK cities, including London. Breeden plans to unveil twenty venues over a five-year expansion period.

Adam Breeden Founder of Social Entertainment Ventures said: “Hijingo! is set to be the most thrilling and revolutionary bingo experience imaginable. It’s hugely exciting to be partnering with James given his vast experience running high entertainment bingo events through Vegas and around the world. We have substantial plans to own this pioneering form of bingo for the new generation.”

James Gordon Co-Founder of Hijingo! said: “Hijingo! is the culmination of my ten years of research, development and operation in the world of bingo, working with my own brands across the globe, as well as leading British bingo brands. I couldn’t have dreamed of a better partner to collaborate with than Adam and the Social Entertainment Ventures team - Hijingo! is going to completely supercharge the billion-dollar British bingo market.”

KLM Retail has been retained to advise on the company's property strategy.



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