CoStar Go

Never lose touch with opportunity

Get ahead, on the move

CoStar Go puts a vast amount of information right at your fingertips, wherever you are, on your iPad. Detailed listing and property information, sale and lease comps, tenants, photos, floor plans and more.

We’ve combined the power of CoStar Suite into an easy-to-use integrated, mobile platform. You’ll have access to verified, up-to-the-minute data to prepare yourself for whatever comes up, wherever you are.

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Advance with real-time analysis

Instantly gain access to the right insight you need from powerful analytics tools in your pocket.

With clear and simple charts and graphs showing everything from granular detail to market-wide trends, you can control exactly what data you see, and how you see it, all from your mobile.

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Save time, wherever you are

With access to CoStar through your iPad, you can preview properties without having to visit them, and talk alternatives any place, any time.

It’s a way to give clients answers on the spot, while allowing you to be productive and stay responsive to their needs at every step.

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The app is fantastic – the flexibility is second to none
Chris Keye
GBR Phoenix Beard
It's fantastic, I like the portability of it. In fact we recently demonstrated to a client on site all in a day.
Allen Lapsley
Speirs Gumley

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