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Search properties. See the market. Close the deals. All from one place.

Find what you are looking for

Whether you are buying, selling or leasing a property; representing tenants or analysing lease proposals; valuing assets, underwriting loans or managing diverse portfolios; with CoStar Suite, you’ll have the answers you need.

Only CoStar offers a full market inventory of properties and spaces, available as well as fully leased, searchable by market and submarket, with hundreds of details on each property. Access multiple photos, aerial maps, floor plans, stack plans and more.

Search the largest database of commercial property deals

Easily gather comparable information, discover what properties are selling or letting for and get accurate benchmarks across all property types, from one easy source. CoStar Suite is available on desktop and on iPad, making it even easier to access from wherever you are.

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Analyse trends and competitive landscape

See what’s going on, so you know where you stand.  By monitoring competing prices, absorption and vacancies you’ll gain a 360° view of market activity. With analytics, you can spot opportunity today and capitalise on it tomorrow. 

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Add context to your content. Be the first to know.

CoStar News is totally integrated with our proprietary Data and available exclusively in CoStar Suite.

Keep on top of market movements, follow the deals as they unfold or search through a powerful archive of more than 10,000 commercial property news stories, all linked directly to CoStar’s property data and analytics.

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Connect with those that matter

Find and engage with the people you need to close the best deals for your clients.

Access the most comprehensive network of commercial property professionals in one place. From agents to owners, investors or tenants, access to our community keeps you in the know, competitive, and positioned to win more business every day. Learn more about CoStar Tenant.

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Compare lease options with ease

With CoStar Lease Analysis, break down lease decisions to get a clearer picture and help your clients make smart decisions.

With tools that give your clients the power and the confidence to make decisions faster, 
everybody’s positioned to do well.

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CoStar Client Survey Results 2015

Client Survey Results 2015

See why 10,000 property professionals use CoStar Suite. Click here to view our 2015 Annual Client Survey results.

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