CoStar Analytics

Make Decisions & Provide Advice With Greater Confidence

Discover what’s happening

Gain better insight and understanding of the forces that drive supply in local sales and leasing markets, then drill down to transaction or property level.

Forget pre-canned reports: draw your own market boundaries and get instant aggregate analytics that is updated in realtime.

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See the very big picture, starting from the very small

Only CoStar gives you a true macro view because we look at data differently. Instead of sampling, we strive to cover every building irrespective of size and type. It’s this unique combination of granular, property-level details with high-level trend analysis delivers insight you can truly rely on.

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Narrow in on what counts

Understand micro-market details around a specific address or property.

With CoStar’s comprehensive data, interpretive analysis and analytic tools, you can easily understand what’s going on at the market or submarket level, and then drill down to explore a specific building. 

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