CoStar Comparables

With access to the largest database of commercial property comparables, you’ll always know at what level the market is leasing or selling properties.

Find the best comparables

Gather sales and lease comparables with just a few clicks, discover what properties are selling or letting for, and establish a fair price that satisfies both parties.

Establish how your property compares in value by peering against similar properties.

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Access the right people

Identify and connect with the deal makers, and find the names of the people behind each transaction. Put yourself in the middle of the action and position yourself for success.

Understand the market
right now

Get a clear picture of what’s going on in the market, and act on that information with confidence.

Aerial and map overlays give you the power of perspective to fully understand market activity. Now you’ll know what’s sold and let, as well as access the information behind those properties.

Identify prospects

Identify and connect with those occupiers who have lease break dates coming up and ensure you easily identify future revenue opportunities.

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CoStar Suite will be extremely useful in terms of collecting data as that is the most difficult and time-consuming part of the job. It will also help me to track all deals in my market which will save me a considerable amount of time
Paul Lewis

Capita Symonds

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