CoStar Lease Analysis

The Industry Standard for Analysing, Comparing and Sharing Lease Proposals

Sophisticated cash flow analysis, simplified

Spreadsheets can't handle the many permutations of a lease proposal -- CoStar Lease Analysis is a powerful tool that will help your clients fully understand their options, and make smart decisions, confidently and quickly.

Compare multiple spaces

Compare multiple spaces with different lease terms quickly and easily

Handle space expansions

Handle space expansions, contractions and subleases

Share lease proposals

Share lease proposals and track versions as you go


Get a lease decision faster

With CoStar Lease Analysis, you can calculate key metrics and cash flows, and create lease comparisons by simply entering in proposal terms.

And because it's fully integrated with CoStar Property information, you can auto-populate models, save time, and get results, fast.

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I used to spend so much time manually inputting data into spreadsheets. Now, I go into CoStar Lease Analysis and let the tool do all the work in a fraction of the time.
Jon Hammond

KW Commercial, Phoenix, AR

NEW! Share lease proposals and track versions as you go

Now, CoStar Lease Analysis includes an easy sharing capability. Sharing lease proposals helps you keep track of the deal, ensure version control and drive everyone toward a lease decision.


Can your spreadsheet do this?

Adapt to changing circumstances. Clients change their minds all the time and want to know the "what if" scenarios. Not a problem. Instantly view 125 scenarios on key proposal terms and save valuable time.


A view specifically for property owners

As the property owner, you have your own set of concerns and metrics and, with CoStar Lease Analysis, you can see all the information relevant to you, including a breakeven analysis, the lease yield and an internal rate of return -- powerful information to give you a valuable view all your own.

I really like CoStar Lease Analysis over other alternatives – it gives me instant value. I can present my prospect with an impressive analysis in minutes, which gives us something to discuss, work from and helps me strengthen my relationships.
Eric Sorensen
Senior Director
Cushman & Wakefield, Chicago

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