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We’ve researched and recorded the UK commercial real estate market for over 20 years, creating the most comprehensive and accurate building-by-building information database.  Plus, we’ve made it quick and easy to search this huge resource, using a powerful map-based interface. Whether you are looking for available or fully leased space, you can determine what’s relevant and refine your parameters with just a few clicks.

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Know every detail

Each of our property records features a wealth of detail, including multiple exterior and interior photos, floor plans, retail frontages, aerial views, maps, stacking plans and over 20 years of historic deal information.

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Cut your research time & expense

Count on CoStar Suite to cut research time and expense while assembling all the data.  Every day, our field and office based researchers scan the landscape for the latest updates on available space and deals records, take multiple photographs, note tenants and record any changes to the status of commercial buildings across the country. So you don’t have to.

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