Case Studies

Our case studies provide real-life stories of how commercial property professionals are using CoStar Suite each day to save time, drive efficiency, and remain competitive.

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Nilash And Vishal Patel - Prideview Properties
Prideview’s Nilesh and Vishal Patel discuss both the micro and macro benefits of using CoStar for the past 15 years, and how it helps them stay ahead of the competition.
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Jeremy Marsh from Schroders Asset management
explains why they trust CoStar’s data, how it saves
them time and helps drive investment decisions.
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Mike Williams M&G
Mitigating reputational and financial risk and getting the right number of introductions are keys for M&G’s success, and Propex provides just that, says Investment Manager Michael Williams.
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Anthony Epenetos - LT Property Consultancy
Anthony Epenetos, Head of commercial agency and investments at LT Property Consultancy, talks about the benefits of using the CoStar app, especially when on-the-go.
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David Hemminh - CoStar Case Study
David Hemming from Burley Browne talks about the demand for fast response in the restaurants business, and how CoStar’s iPad app helps him rapidly identify suitable properties for his clients. Read more >


Getting the inside track on investment opportunities

David Ashley, from Davidson Estates in Birmingham, explains how CoStar’s detailed building and owners information helps the firm discover more investment opportunities for their clients. Read more >


CoStar is another tool in the professional’s toolbox

Adam Checkley, owner of Checkley & Co Chartered Surveyors, discusses the increasing client demand for faster response, and how CoStar increase their efficiency by providing immediate access to data.  Read more >


CoStar speeds up matters and accelerates the deal

Alan Gilkison from Ryden tells us how ready access to data from CoStar enables the firm to save time on routine research and play to its professional strengths.  Read more >


Data helps agents perform better, rather than detract from their expertise

Alan Gilkison from Ryden explains how the free flow of commercial real estate data accelerates transactions and benefits all industry players.  Read more >


How Propex helps Poyntons to punch above their weight

Jack Fairman from Poyntons tells us how CoStar Propex helps them meet clients’ demands for immediate ‘under the radar’ briefings on the best investment opportunities.  Read more >


How Shopproperty and CoStar Suite help Poyntons keep a finger on the pulse

With limited time and resources, Poyntons have enlisted Shopproperty and CoStar Suite to help them keep abreast of fast-moving property markets and investment opportunities.  Read more >


How Shopproperty and CoStar Suite help Poyntons keep a finger on the pulse

With limited time and resources, Poyntons have enlisted Shopproperty and CoStar Suite to help them keep abreast of fast-moving property markets and investment opportunities. Read more >

Philippa Pickavance

Saving time for sole practitioners with CoStar Suite

Philippa Pickavance tells us how CoStar Suite can help a one-person company to compete with the wealth and human resources of larger agents. Read more >


Doing 2 days of work in 30 minutes using CoStar Suite

Sole-practice agent Ed Siddall-Jones tells us how the efficiency of CoStar Suite helps keep his business ahead of the game. Read more >

Using CoStar Suite to rapidly meet clients’ demands

Cushman and Wakefield’s Andy Cunningham explains how CoStar Suite helps them to rapidly and confidently respond to client requests. Read more >

Spending less time researching and more time with clients

Stephen St Clair from industrial agent Rosslyn Property tells us how CoStar Suite provides a critical research capability, and helps them develop new business. Read more >

Helping clients make rapid, informed decisions

Rupert Barron from WHR Property Consultants LLP tells us how they use CoStar each day to make quick decisions and to develop their business. Read more >

Michael Rogers

Providing impressive, prompt responses to clients' instructions

Mike Lewis, from commercial property consultants Michael Rogers, talks about the many benefits of having a wealth of instantly available property information at his fingertips. Read more >

Howard Lord

Using CoStar Suite to keep ahead of changing markets

Howard Lord from Cert Property tells us how the live data in CoStar Suite allows them to spend more time making deals, and less time gathering information. Read more >

CoStar is top of the class at Glasgow Caledonian University

GCU students make regular use of CoStar Suite throughout their courses, saving significant time and effort by having information at their fingertips rather than gathering all necessary data. Read more >

Gaining a full CRE market view to best advise clients

Joe Newton from BDO International Network, tells us how CoStar data provides them with the market knowledge they need to give their clients the right advice. Read more >

Accelerating Inward Investment with CoStar Suite

Find out how this local authority uses CoStar Suite to improve its investor response time. Read more >

Surrey Heath Borough Council

Connecting Council teams more efficiently

How multiple teams at Surrey Heath Borough Council are using CoStar Suite to more efficiently drive inward investment. Read more >

Helping you find and present CRE data

How INVEST Essex uses CoStar Suite to ease the task of finding and presenting reliable, comprehensive commercial property data. Read more >

Connecting Councils and Agents through CoStar Suite

How Surrey County Council gets results by connecting to other Councils & Agents using CoStar Suite data. Read more >