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UK CRE Investment Review

UK Commercial Property Investment Review Q2 2018

Hot in the city:
Volumes picked up in Q2 2018 as Far Eastern investors piled into City offices

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UK Commercial Property Investment Review 2017

£62.1bn was invested in UK commercial property in 2017. Soaring investment in the regions in Q4 caps surprisingly strong year.

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Market Insights

Which LEPs drove the most activity in 2017/18?

The Local Enterprise Partnership Index ranks 38 LEPs by their office occupier and investment activity.

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CoStar 50:Which are the most in-demand UK Cities for Commercial property?

The CoStar 50 Index captures occupier and investment activity across the 50 largest UK office markets.

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5 smart ways agents are using commercial real estate data to improve their preformance

5 ways Agents use CRE data to improve their performance

7,000 UK agents are already using commercial property data to better answer their clients’ enquiries, operate outside of their immediate geographies and generally save time and money on research.

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5 Smart Ways Local Authorities are using CRE data to drive growth

5 smart ways Local Authorities are using CRE data to drive growth

Download our free guide to find out how authorities are using data to monitor and manage commercial property, improving their efficiency, productivity and competitiveness.

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What’s hot and what’s not in UK CRE?

CoStar tracks more buildings and transactions across the UK than any other data provider. Get a quick summary of the status of the market with our complimentary on-demand webinar.

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CoStar Agency Awards 2017

CoStar Agency Awards 2017

See all the winners and accompanying data from our 2017 Agency Awards and view previous years’ winners.

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